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SharePoint Templates

10 Common Business Problems Solved with Built-In SharePoint (2013 or 2016) Templates Including Sites, Wiki, Project Management, and Workflow Solutions.  Watch the Videos to Get the Most Out of Your SharePoint Investment.  Need more help?


Track service requests

  • Set up help desk solution template
  • Tracking ticketing
  • Budgetary concerns – resource planning (staffing)
  • Managed services provider knows how important help desk reporting is
  • Customizable

Build a modest project management system template

  • Keep everyone on the same page
  • Responsive workflow
  • Track timelines
  • Budgetary concerns (over/under budget)
  • Ensure scope of project has stayed within expectations

Design scheduling system template

  • Manage resources
  • Increase efficiency
  • Include time off request sheet that automatically emails manager for approval and automatically adds to schedule if approved
  • Sick time, PTO, room scheduling, birthdays, milestones, business trips (expense reimbursement)
  • Integrating with Outlook (no need for two calendars)

Create a site template to support geographically dispersed teams

  • Jump in and converse like an ongoing meeting
  • SharePoint is accessible from anywhere
  • Co-authoring (multiple people can edit at same time) and versioning (keep previous versions available)
  • Collaborate in real-time instead of relying on reply-all emails
  • Email-enabled lists and libraries – you can give a library its own email address to record the conversation and it will attach to that corresponding library

Employ a course registration system template

  • Customize this so that you get the required information needed from the registrants and set notifications for full classes, or changes, etc.
  • Doesn’t just apply to colleges or universities, this could be used by organizations providing continuing education and professional development opportunities for their employees in regards to their product, service, or industry – so this can be a one-stop-shop for employees to select, register, and schedule these courses or seminars – which again ties to the calendar feature we discussed earlier so that the selections would populate the already established scheduling system
  • Eliminate costly third-party registration systems by utilizing SharePoint
  • Easily imports into SharePoint or Outlook (No need for two calendars)

Build an inventory and asset management system template

  • Track company-issued devices or anything else (loaner laptops, company cars, uniforms, widgets and parts)
  • Easier than Excel because SharePoint is available anywhere … even mobile

Design a team blog platform template

  • Allow end-users to review any pertinent content
  • Shared knowledge base for team members to share instructional institutional-specific skills

Create a process to coordinate request for proposal (RFP) responses

  • Create extranet system for outside vendors to submit RFP from template
  • Allows external vendors to submit, track, review RFP progress
  • Internally this acts as a RFP repository with structures to coordinate a review process
  • Allows external and internal users access to the same list and will follow the same workflow

Set up an FAQ system template

  • Help users find the answers that they need quickly
  • Ability to be internal or external-facing
  • Make it a forum-style externally, or a knowledge base that is open to all staff to ask questions and add answers internally
  • Also, continually add to a list of questions fielded from customers
  • Convenient for both business and its customers

Implement a cost-effective contact management system

  • Search, add, delete, modify, save changes to contacts and instantly updated for entire staff in one centrally-located place
  • Accessible anywhere so sales team members in field can make updates on the fly … and rest of team instantly has those updates

Just let us know which templates you would like installed with your dedicated SharePoint server


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