SharePoint Migration Services at Fpweb Include the Team and Tools Needed to Seamlessly Move to the Cloud or New Version of SharePoint.

SharePoint Migration Services at Fpweb

SharePoint migration - on premise to cloud

SharePoint Migration – On Premise to Cloud

Looking to migrate your SharePoint environment to the cloud? can move your SharePoint to Azure, Fpweb private cloud, Office 365, or SharePoint hybrid cloud!  SharePoint in the cloud is the future and you can get there with ease with

SharePoint Migration – Upgrade to Modern SharePoint

Upgrade your SharePoint environment in place or upgrade and move your SharePoint at the same time with Fpweb.  We can upgrade your SharePoint to the latest and greatest quickly and without disrupting your users.

SharePoint migration - upgrade to modern SharePoint

Migrate to SharePoint

Migrate to SharePoint

If you’re brand new to SharePoint, we can help move your non-Microsoft collaboration platform to SharePoint.  Or if you are tired of dealing with SharePoint yourselves, you can move it to an Fpweb datacenter and let us manage it for you.  SharePoint complexity and challenges fade away with Fpweb’s help.

SharePoint Migration – Tools

Don’t waste time testing SharePoint migration tools or trying to discern deficiencies – every tool has its pros and cons.  Since none are perfect, we have them all!  And depending on a particular migration or upgrade’s needs, we use certain feature sets from each to give you the best result.  You win by saving thousands of dollars in tools, hundreds of man hours and lots of sleep with Fpweb.

SharePoint Migration - Tools


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