SharePoint Infrastructure is Complex and Challenging to Manage.  Managed SharePoint Infrastructure Services Unburden Your Team to Work on What Matters Most.  Run Your Business, Not Your SharePoint Infrastructure.


SharePoint Infrastructure

SharePoint Infrastructure On Premise

Your Enterprise needs to keep SharePoint on premise because of customization, security or regulatory requirements.  Keep your SharePoint data inside your firewall but offload SharePoint monitoring, backup and patching duties to Fpweb.  Doing so frees up your IT team to work on more strategic projects.  Put Fpweb on your team and gain operational efficiencies while keeping SharePoint where it works best for you.

Transition Your Infrastructure to Cloud on Your Terms

Transition your SharePoint infrastructure to the cloud when it makes sense for your enterprise.  There may be some SharePoint roles or functions which need to remain on premise while other pieces can be moved to cloud infrastructure, freeing up your team from infrastructure management complexity and hardware expenses.  Fpweb can help roadmap a transition to get whatever part of your SharePoint infrastructure you no longer want living in your data center.  And of course, we are ready to manage and piece of SharePoint you are ready to offload.

SharePoint Infrastructure Managed by Fpweb

Some enterprises don’t want to manage or host their SharePoint infrastructure.  In this case, Fpweb offers fully managed SharePoint infrastructure.  Hosted in Fpweb private cloud or Azure public cloud, Fpweb maintains every aspect of the SharePoint infrastructure so you only have one phone number to call if there is an issue.  This gives enterprises a fixed operational expense for SharePoint and moves their IT from running SharePoint the platform, to innovating and getting the most from SharePoint.  SharePoint infrastructure just works, when managed by Fpweb.

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