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Get SharePoint Hybrid Cloud Service for Any On-Premises, Office 365, Multi-Cloud Scenario. Fpweb Can Architect and Fully Manage Your Custom SharePoint Environment. Get Pricing Now.

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What exactly is a Hybrid Cloud anyway

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

The hybrid cloud is the combination of a public cloud with a private cloud platform, as well as single-tenant environments. The public and private cloud infrastructures communicate to each other via a secure, encrypted connection, utilizing modern advances in tech that allows data and applications to be shared between both clouds.

Okay, that’s great. But what exactly does that mean for a business?

Essentially, you are getting the best of both environments when you utilize a hybrid cloud. You can employ the ability to leverage the vast resources of public cloud environments like Office 365, Azure, and AWS to run data-based SharePoint applications, while protecting important, private data within SharePoint on a private cloud environment at the same time. Each cloud is distinct and separate from the other cloud, but they can communicate with each other directly.

Protect Important Data

private cloud

When your needs include protecting assets and keeping applications private within your organization, utilize the secure Private Cloud.

Scale with Efficiency

public cloud

When you need scalability that can handle heavy traffic at a reduced cost, utilize a Public Cloud.

High Speed Server


With On-Premises or Dedicated Servers, you get the performance and reliability you need to keep your operation running at maximum efficiency at all times.

SharePoint Hybrid Cloud architecture & Management Services

Fpweb can architect the custom SharePoint multi-cloud scenario that maximizes output and minimizes costs. Fpweb also will fully manage your SharePoint environment across public and your private clouds (including on-premises) with zero hassle on your end. With Fpweb’s assistance, we can turn your operation into the most efficient machine it can possibly be.

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