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SharePoint Consulting Services from the SharePoint Experts at Fpweb.  Leverage Our Modest Midwest Hourly Rates and Experienced SharePoint Consultants to Complete Projects On Time and On Budget.  Popular Consulting Engagements Include Migration, Development, Cloud Architecture, SharePoint intranet Redesign, Business Intelligence (BI), Workflow Automation, and Security.  Consultants available in Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Toronto, Dallas, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Raleigh, St. Louis, Kansas City, Nashville, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City and Tampa.  Schedule Your Free Consultation Now.


2017 Recovendor Top Ten SharePoint Consultant

Affordable SharePoint Consultants is your SharePoint consultant alternative. A trusted adviser, Fpweb has been plugged into the SharePoint industry since Microsoft’s SharePoint predecessor, FrontPage (hence the name Fpweb). Our all-American staff is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and will partner with your organization to guide its SharePoint lifecycle.

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Fpweb SharePoint consultation services can help facilitate collaboration, increase employee engagement and automate business processes – regardless of your scale and industry

With SharePoint as your corporate platform, you have access to a toolkit that achieves several goals:

  • Manage straightforward workflows
  • Stimulate human collaboration
  • Increase the quality of working process
  • Raise employees’ productivity

Integrated with enterprise systems, SharePoint becomes an all-purpose tool that serves as:

  • A unified communication platform for employees to stay in touch permanently
  • A secure storage to keep all the documents safe
  • A centralized source of information to ensure a uniform vision of business processes

SharePoint UX/UI

Improving user experience is key to better SharePoint adoption. We can help tailor your SharePoint solution by improving its UI and UX, creating engaging sites that support your corporate identity and bolster functionality.

SharePoint Security

We can help protect your confidential information in SharePoint, relying on our deep understanding of the platform’s architecture, Business Connectivity Services and Microsoft’s best practices.

SharePoint Health Check

Fpweb’s SharePoint Health Check will provide a full-body scan of your SharePoint functionality and pinpoint possible problems.

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SharePoint Expertise

  • First to host every version of SharePoint in the cloud
  • Managed 2.1 billion SharePoint logins since 1999
  • Certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider
SharePoint Expertise

SharePoint Hosting

  • SharePoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 in a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid multi-cloud
  • Private Cloud SharePoint hosting – just choose data plan
  • SharePoint dedicated hosting for total server control – Run all your custom code and apps on compliant servers
SharePoint Hosting

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SharePoint Support

Expert, USA-based, 24/7 Absolute SharePoint Support® on-premises, or in any cloud

  • SharePoint Admin
  • SharePoint Developer
SharePoint Support

SharePoint Backup Services

  • From any version. To any cloud.
  • Protect all your SharePoint sites with automated daily SharePoint backups down to the object level
  • Increase your backup retention period for disaster or ransomware survival
SharePoint Backup

SharePoint Backup Illustration

SharePoint Migration Illustration

SharePoint Migration Services

  • Upgrade to newer version of SharePoint
  • Move SharePoint to a different host or hosts
  • Move data to SharePoint from a different app
  • Get the right tools for the job
SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Training & Tutorials

  • SharePoint and Office 365 training for admins, users, and trainers
  • stockpile of SharePoint tutorials
SharePoint Training
SharePoint Tutorials

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SharePoint Hosting

Discover what it takes to create a powerful, scalable SharePoint environment for your business.

SharePoint Hosting

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Managed SharePoint Infographic

Learn how a managed SharePoint plan can help your business.

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