Managed SharePointFrom a SharePoint administrator’s perspective there are several advantages of partnering with a managed SharePoint services provider such as Fpweb.

There are direct benefits of outsourcing managed SharePoint services, but there are also implicit benefits that may unrealized until you are fully integrated into the service. In this article we’ll discuss a majority of these and how SharePoint managed services makes your life easier as a SharePoint administrator.

One of the immediate benefits will be cost savings in Microsoft licensing and extensive internal tiers of SharePoint support teams. The managed services provider utilizes a SPLA licensing model from Microsoft which makes licensing terms and costs much more flexible and cheaper up front for their clients.

Another cost and headache saving benefit is that you get experienced SharePoint IT professionals right out of the gate that are knowledgeable of your environment as they help you build and migrate data to it. They will do as much or as little as you need based on your support package allowing you to complete your daily administration. If you are caught in a bind, they can do deployments for you as a one off, or do all of them.

For hiring managers, you probably know how difficult it is to find qualified talent that is not demanding six figure salaries. These people are already employed and available resources from day 1 with a SharePoint managed services provider.

Not only do you get expert SharePoint engineers that help you build the environment and work hand in hand until go live, but you also get their eyes and ears and phone numbers once the platform is in production. All the monitoring, backup, patching, and antivirus tools are typically included in the services package and all handled for you. This means that you don’t have to deploy and maintain all these complex tools which in most cases never get fully deployed or maintained properly.

The not so obvious benefits would be having a 24/7 team on call that can act as your SharePoint NOC and take care of the initial incident troubleshooting and remediation without waking you at 3am on Christmas morning. Our all-USA-based, Microsoft certified support team has the ability to fix common SharePoint problems. If it is a complex problem, they can escalate within, or to you, based on how you want to work. Again, it is a flexible partnership.

Monthly security patching and quarterly SharePoint cumulative update patching is very time consuming and in some cases a full time job by itself depending on the number of SharePoint servers in your estate. The managed services team handles the tedious process of testing, patching, psconfig execution, remediation, and upgrades that without the proper automation tools and skills may not even be possible in your current scenario.

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