SharePoint screenshot of FAQ system

In a survey of our SharePoint Best Practices webinar attendees, setting up a FAQ system was ranked the most applicable of our 10 business problems solved by SharePoint. We now have a template you can install to easily set up a FAQ system on your SharePoint site.

We’ve created SharePoint templates to help organizations with 10 common business problems.

In our recent SharePoint Best Practices post, we embedded a few quick demo videos that show how easy to use and how helpful these SharePoint templates could be to plug in and start using for your organization.

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That SharePoint specialty guided us to build these templates as a way to help organizations get set up and going with a framework that they can just plug in their information and begin utilizing a few of the out-of-the-box features in SharePoint 2013 and 2016 that can solve common business challenges like:

  • Contact management system
  • FAQ system
  • RFP process
  • Team blog
  • Asset management system
  • Course registration system
  • Team sites
  • Scheduling system
  • Project management system
  • Track service requests

You can see the demo videos, and more about how these common business challenges can be addressed with out-of-the-box SharePoint solutions at

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