SharePoint Support Services - FpwebIf you’re using Microsoft SharePoint to help power your business, you’re not alone. Microsoft SharePoint continues to gain significant market share worldwide. Part of Microsoft’s Productivity and Business Processes division, last year it had $8.4 billion in revenue, a 21% increase driven by Office 365 commercial and consumer subscriptions.

We recently wrote about how companies are still using a mix of on-premises, online, and hybrid SharePoint deployment models, and the challenges that can bring about from an administrative perspective. To counteract this challenge, many enterprises purchase Microsoft’s Premier or Unified Support services. In July, Microsoft switched over from a Premier support model to what it calls Unified Support, which the company says will bring all support for online and on-premises products into one single agreement.

With Premier Support, you purchased a block of hours for different categories of support, such as Proactive and Problem Resolution Support (PRS) – a more flexible, customizable model to fit into your specific needs. With Unified Support, you will pay a percentage of your annual licensing costs for unlimited PRS and unlimited electronically delivered proactive support. The annual cost for Unified Support is 6% to 10% (depending on the level of Unified Support selected) of Office 365 and client software annual costs, and 8% to 12% of other software and online services annual cost.

SharePoint Support Services - Microsoft TaxSo what does that mean for you? You won’t need to estimate/track hours, but if you’re a typical organization paying around 7% of annual Software Assurance cost for Premier Support, you will pay 25% to 30% more for Unified Support according to Gartner Research. If you think this is normal across office software and services vendors, think again: This change will mean those paying for Microsoft Support will pay 33 to 39 percent of licensing costs for maintenance – significantly higher than the industry standard 18 to 25 percent today.

Think of Unified Support as an all-you-can-eat buffet as opposed to purchasing a block of hours in the current Premier Support model: Even if you’re not using every single service Microsoft offers, you’ll still pay for it in the Unified model.

In conversations we’ve had with our clients and others who have sticker shock at potentially paying up to 30% more for Unified Support, they’re asking themselves if it’s worth paying a Microsoft tax to keep its SharePoint environment optimized.

This question will undoubtedly come up more and more as software and services companies increasingly lead with their cloud options. It’s much easier to tell someone that they can scale up or down their IT services as part of operational expenses, instead of paying more capital expenses to maintain servers and hardware they may not necessarily need. Behind that, however, is the fact that many companies – Microsoft included – will charge you as if you’re using everything even if that’s not the case.

Your business is unique. You have specific needs and services that are different from your competitor. It’s about time you had support services that matched that reality. The good news is that you don’t need to stop using Microsoft technology to have a right-sized performance experience.

SharePoint Support Services Engineer - FpwebGet SharePoint support services from Fpweb to unburden your team, lower your SharePoint support costs, and deliver a better experience for your users and customers. With more than 20 years of experience working with customers worldwide to maximize their SharePoint experience, you can ensure every aspect of your SharePoint deployment is covered with our services including:

  • SharePoint Admin Support Service: Our SharePoint admin support services are your veritable Microsoft SharePoint help desk, including emergency break fix support, training, tutorials, controlled patching, ability to add users, reset passwords, and modify permissions, and manage user alerts and modifications.
  • SharePoint Database Support Service: Have our experts keep an eagle eye on your database, monitoring it constantly to tune up your SharePoint platform’s performance. We also manage the administration of your SharePoint database, handle upgrades and migrations, secure your database, implement disaster recovery and redundancy planning as well as handle remote server deployment.
  • SharePoint Developer Support Service: We’re pros in .NET and C#, with the ability to help you create and implement custom web parts, third-party web parts, custom workflows, custom master pages, custom forms, and configure search scopes and refine your search capabilities.

Make sure you have our experts on call 24/7 to ensure your SharePoint environment is running on all cylinders, with the peace of mind that the moment you have an issue we will address it with minimal business disruption.

  • 25-30 percent cost savings – Only purchase the support you need and don’t pay extra for support on products you don’t use.
  • Billing on your terms – We offer subscription billing and installment options that meet your specific needs.
  • 5x faster response – Microsoft Premier Support average response times hover around 30 minutes. will respond to your ticket in 6 minutes.
  • A white glove customer experience, every time – We won’t make you repeat your issue over and over again when we transfer you to the right experts to solve your issue. Our only goal is your complete satisfaction.

SharePoint Support Services - MS Certified 24/7 Coverage at FpwebThe good news is that you can get high-quality SharePoint support services without breaking the bank with With decades of experience successfully managing enterprise SharePoint environments for companies of all sizes and industries – including Global 2000 Companies – we’re confident we can manage your SharePoint environment whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid. Learn more about our SharePoint Support Services or get a SharePoint support services quote today.