SharePoint cloud illustrationConfused about cloud options? While SharePoint hosting used to be a simple question of your own servers versus hosting… it needs to be broadened today while discussed as private cloud, public cloud or your own deployment on premises.

Private cloud is hosted cloud servers and hosted storage allocated by you for your own maximum security and compliance. Public cloud is Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, or Google Cloud primarily.

Deploying a dedicated or virtual private cloud will unburden your IT team from manually configuring routing tables and servers so that they can focus on your core business. Let’s look at the different options…

We’ve put together different options based on your needs.  Not sure how to navigate this?  We can help… don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Private cloud hosting is a single-tenant computing environment. Each enterprise-class private cloud is powered by VMware or Hyper-V technology, and is rent controlled with an unmetered pricing structure. The result is a more secure, compliant, and supported environment than any public cloud.

Private vs Public cloud comparison

Compare Public Clouds

Public clouds provide an easy-to-use platform that you can spin up instantly and just pay as you go. I like to think of this as the elastic option. It lets you scale up and out as quickly as needed. No need to purchase more hardware, you can spin up nodes as needed.

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Tip of the iceberg

Have you heard about the iceberg analogy of SharePoint?  It’s the predicable and visible versus the unknown. I was talking to a customer recently who had some hardware lying around and was thinking deploying their own SharePoint deployment would be much cheaper than looking at the cloud.

“We already have the hardware… how hard or costly could it really be?”

I think this table illustrates the challenge. The first column of SharePoint Server speaks to our service, the second column speaks to your in-house on-premises deployment, and the final is a public cloud environment.

SharePoint hosted vs on-prem

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