SharePoint On PremiseSharePoint on premise costs are an opportunity for your enterprise to optimize IT costs and reduce overall business costs in 2019.

Let’s look at the top challenges of an enterprise IT cost optimization program, what buckets SharePoint on premise costs typically fall into and how you can optimize SharePoint on premise costs this year.

Top Challenges of Enterprise IT Cost Optimization in 2019

Cost optimization continues to be a critical and continuous discipline for many CIOs. For organizations to be successful in 2019, they need to focus on achieving a balance between reducing IT costs and investing in technology to reduce business cost.

Enterprises must design a cost optimization plan that aligns to long-term business goals and evaluates costs across a variety of perspectives, such as assets, services and business capabilities.

Top 2019 Challenges and How Fpweb Can HelpSharePoint On Premise - Enterprise IT Cost Optimization in 2019

  • How do I identify my best opportunities for IT cost optimization?
  • How do I implement an IT cost optimization program?
  • How do I improve IT financial transparency to support cost optimization?
  • How do I use my cost optimization programs to help the enterprise optimize business-related costs?

Most Enterprises Still Have SharePoint On Premise

According to a recent 2019 leading research analyst survey of their enterprise customers, most enterprises still have SharePoint on premise, and have no plans of moving it.  Their primary reasons for keeping SharePoint at their own data centers include: customization, security and compliance.

This data is contrary to the marketing messaging at Microsoft touting extensive SharePoint hybrid enterprise deployments between SharePoint Online and the various versions of SharePoint on premise – SharePoint 2013, 2016 and now 2019.  The analyst survey further went on to share that most of their enterprise customers had no plans of launching a hybrid SharePoint model while SharePoint Online’s feature set for Intranet and Extranet roles are still lacking.  Hybrid would only create more complexity and support overhead.

SharePoint Server 2019 Closes Parity Gap with SharePoint Online

Microsoft smartly committed to bring the new SharePoint on premise version 2019 closer to SharePoint Online’s modern feature set.  SharePoint Server 2019 has:

  • Built-in, configurable support for hybrid SharePoint deployments (with both SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online).
  • Introduction of SharePoint communication sites, team news, and modernized team sites, pages, lists and libraries.
  • Support for process automation and forms technologies, including Microsoft PowerApps and Flow, to connect with on-premises data.

Optimizing SharePoint On Premise CostsOptimizing SharePoint On Premise Costs in 2019

The first challenge of a 2019 IT Enterprise IT cost optimization program is identifying the best opportunities for savings that can be reinvested in the organization to reduce overall business costs.  One such opportunity can be found around SharePoint on premise costs.  SharePoint on premise costs typically fall into 3 buckets for Enterprise IT – Infrastructure, maintenance and support.

Fpweb’s dedicated SharePoint hosting, managed SharePoint services and SharePoint support services provide a proven alternative to on premise SharePoint complexity with significant cost savings in 2019 and beyond.  Enterprise customers are reporting on premise SharePoint savings of 20-35% or more after moving to managed SharePoint at Fpweb.

Dedicated SharePoint and Support Services at Fpweb

Fpweb SharePoint Services include:

Dedicated SharePoint with full customization and single-tenant security, support hours that never expire, a 6 minute response time, and service delivery by all US citizens making us ITAR and DFARS compliant.

Learn more about Dedicated SharePoint Hosting or SharePoint Support Services managed by the SharePoint experts at Fpweb and use your savings to fuel your enterprise digital transformation this year.