Back to the future part II posterThe future: We never see it, but we have high hopes.

Most people’s vision of the future involves robots, aliens, hover crafts, silver jumpsuits, etc.  And since the future is relative, if you go back far enough, it may have been envisioned as a place for hover chariots and comfortable shoes.

Personally, I’ve always been apprehensive of the future.  Flying cars don’t impress me because I just assume they’re going to be difficult to navigate.

I don’t have the patience to drive a normal car so flying through the air at 100 miles an hour while other crafts try to merge into my cloud is not my cup of future tea.

Alien Encounter Also, basic cable has not gotten me excited about an alien encounter.  But one thing the future has always offered is the idea that things are supposed to get better.

Being an ‘old soul’, I tend to be apprehensive with each advance and update in technology as it happens.  Text messages were not my friend initially.  I watched Facebook from afar before gingerly placing my foot in the water.  I refused to shake Twitter’s hand when we first met.  But after giving them a try and harnessing their potential while rolling with the constant changes and updates, they’re all making my life easier.  Because that’s the endgame with technology:  Simplicity through growth.

From the Wright Brothers and Henry Ford to Harrier Jets and Lambo Gallardos; from a revolutionary radio that can tune to another station to XM radio where any possible music or talk genre has a station (Jamie Fox has his own station where I can only imagine he sits staring affectionately at himself in a mirror while “Gold Digger” plays on repeat); from the Iron Lung and Atomic Bomb to Iron Man and the Jaeger Bomb (that’s evolution)… things only get better.

ipod vs ipad“We take the ‘o’ and are you listening, are you following me? We make it an ‘a’!!”

Which brings me to a short vignette…

(Editor’s Note: the following short vignette may or may not have been made up by Peter…)

Fred SharePoint was a simple man.  He spent his workdays walking across the office to ask Jane if she got his changes to some important document.  She said that she had also made changes.  They were on two separately saved documents.  Fred would go back to his cubicle, close his eyes, clutch his lucky Pez dispenser and wish for a better business collaboration platform.  Then one day he did something about it…

Okay, I don’t know if his name was Fred, but whoever came up with SharePoint at Microsoft had one purpose driving them – streamlining communication and productivity.   Centralizing and managing information like schedules, budgets, important documents and information, etc.  His purpose was inspired by convenience but even Fred probably didn’t know that his idea would soon be up in the Cloud.

Ghost StoriesI was at a campsite recently telling ghost stories about men with hooks and other urban legends.  Then someone told the tale of a future where people’s business interests are stored up in the Cloud.  Most of us couldn’t sleep through the night.

Moving SharePoint into the Cloud

But moving SharePoint into the Cloud doesn’t have to be scary.  Like any other advance in technology, our first steps are always the most cautious.   And like every other upgrade we see in this industry, it’s changing the game.  Things evolve: Cell phones to Smart Phones; Smart Phones to Tablets; Tablets to Teleportation Devices.  (I’ve said too much already…)  The point is:  SharePoint is evolving.

You can be afraid of a man with a hook for a hand escaping prison and sneaking up on you and your best gal at “Lovers’ Lane”, but in the Cloud, you’re safe.  In fact, I like to think that if your business was in the Cloud you would have gotten an email about the escaped convict faster anyway… just saying.

Clouds are confusing…

The concept of the Cloud can be a bit confusing.  People picture their business as a balloon being released and floating out of sight.  There’s confusion and trepidation about security with cloud computing.  People assume their business is part of a Public Cloud, but with, we customize a Private SharePoint Cloud just for you.

MS ADFS ExplainedSecurity is always paramount and your bodyguards are secure VPN tunnels with 1-way trusts or ADFS that provides access to our network resources without exposing yours to us.

You have the flexibility and technological efficiency of a Public Cloud infrastructure while maintaining full server control and full admin access.  This security, control and flexibility is why our SharePoint Server Guru Chris Schwab says, “The future is Cloudy with a chance of SharePoint.”

The future is in the Cloud and, as always, you’ll need trustworthy, diligent SharePoint support to manage your business up there.  I’m not saying our SharePoint engineers are angels… but I’m not saying they aren’t.  At the end of the day, everything is in one safe place and being managed on your end by the people you trust in your workplace and on our end by state-of-the-art security and well… I.T. angels.

The future of your business is here.  With in charge, there’s nothing to be apprehensive about.  Simple and growing.  No silver jumpsuit needed.