SharePoint CDN speed boost

SharePoint CDN is now included with all dedicated SharePoint hosting plans at Fpweb.  This means that our millions of SharePoint users across the globe can now experience a faster, more secure, and reliable SharePoint experience.

What is SharePoint Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) for SharePoint is a service that can help the static content on your SharePoint site (images, CSS, Javascript) load much more quickly.

How Does SharePoint CDN Work?

SharePoint Content Delivery Network (CDN) - Free at FpwebSharePoint CDN is a collection of servers located all around the world. When a browser loads static SharePoint content, the request is automatically routed to the server geographically closest to the browser. This helps the SharePoint content load much more quickly. In addition, because your SharePoint content is loaded from many servers in separate locations, bursts of traffic are less likely to cause issues, because the burst is spread out over hundreds of servers, rather than just one.

Reaching a Global SharePoint Audience Has Its Challenges

Businesses are becoming increasingly global and need to be able to support their SharePoint users in these new markets. To minimize the impact of SharePoint network latency, they can choose to have their SharePoint content served from regional data centers supported by their SharePoint hosting provider. As SharePoint user traffic increases, the cost of supporting these new markets increase due to high SharePoint bandwidth and data egress from these SharePoint sites. While SharePoint solutions such as content delivery networks (CDNs) have helped businesses increase their global reach more cost-effectively, many of the established SharePoint providers have built monolithic legacy infrastructures that are difficult to manage and are not sufficiently responsive to meet the demands of aggressively agile SharePoint workflows.

A Global, Highly Responsive SharePoint Cloud Network

Fpweb has partnered with Cloudflare who has built an expansive network of global data centers that cache static content closer to SharePoint users. Caching frequently accessed SharePoint files on Fpweb SharePoint CDN network reduces the distance content needs to travel to get to the user and minimizes the impact of high latency on SharePoint page load times. Fpweb SharePoint CDN’s network is API first, allowing customers to easily automate workflows with highly granular controls of how content is cached and purged. Caching SharePoint content on Fpweb’s global SharePoint CDN network lowers the need to source content from hosted SharePoint servers or origins, and reduces SharePoint bandwidth utilization costs from the origin. Customers that host dedicated SharePoint with Fpweb will receive free data transit for any requests from their origins to the Fpweb SharePoint CDN network.

Avoid Internet Congestion and Outages

SharePoint CDN at Fpweb intelligently routes content requests on its network to the fastest path to an origin using SharePoint Smart Routing. SharePoint traffic can also be load balanced across multiple origins using proximity and network latency to determine the most efficient origin that can serve dynamic SharePoint content requests.

Increased SharePoint Bandwidth Savings

Caching SharePoint content reduces the number of requests to an origin by serving SharePoint static content from a SharePoint CDN data center, lowering bandwidth consumption from the origin. SharePoint CDN is included with all dedicated SharePoint hosting plans, with no surge pricing for DDoS attacks. Customers hosting their SharePoint servers with Fpweb can eliminate data egress costs entirely when dynamic SharePoint content is requested.

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