All eyes have been watching for the impending release of SharePoint 2016, which will be released next spring, and many are wondering how this latest version will compare to 2013’s model. We are expecting to see several new updates and features in SharePoint 2016, updates that will put 2013’s version to shame.

Check out how SharePoint 2016 compares to the current 2013 version below!


Content Database Size – SharePoint 2013 allows users 200 GB in general usage scenarios. The 2016 version will go far beyond that point and expand content database sizing into the TB realm. Yes, a single content database in the 2016 version can hold 100,000 site collections, which is 20 times greater than the existing version.

Indexed Items – With SharePoint 2013, you get 100 million indexed items per search service application and 10 million per index partition. SharePoint 2016 will increase the search scale by two times – we’re talking 500 million items.

Max File Size – The default maximum file size in SharePoint 2013 is 250 MB, which can be increased up to 2 GB. SharePoint 2016 will blow 2013’s version out of the water with a 10 GB maximum, including the removal of character restrictions.

Site Collections Per Content Database – The recommended amount of site collections for SharePoint 2013 came in at 2,000 with a maximum of 5,000 collections. You’ll find that the number of site collections will have expanded twenty-fold in SharePoint 2016 – literally. You will be able to maintain 100,000 site collections per content database come next spring.

Of course, there are other amazing new features that will be coming our way in SharePoint 2016. We will be discussing these exciting new updates and features next month in our blog. Until then, if you have any questions or want to know how SharePoint can fit in your business plan, give a call toll-free at 1-866-780-4678 or learn more about us, who we are, and what we can do for you at!