price match guaranteeThere is a Rackspace dedicated SharePoint alternative for businesses looking for a better customer experience. A few years ago, we had several Fpweb clients leave us for better pricing at Rackspace.  Recently, some of those clients have returned to Fpweb for dedicated SharePoint and managed SharePoint support services.

We’ve been able to sharpen our pencils and processes to provide more competitive pricing while continuing to invest in our teams and SharePoint expertise.  In fact, we are now offering all Rackspace dedicated SharePoint customers a guaranteed price match on dedicated SharePoint cloud hosting and SharePoint support services.

Rackspace dedicated SharePoint customers will get the same SharePoint infrastructure uptime and reliability they’ve come to expect, but with more responsive support and comprehensive SharePoint services.

Here are the Reasons Why Companies are Leaving Rackspace and Moving Dedicated SharePoint to Fpweb

Rackspace touts recommending architectures that are “Microsoft best practice,” not customer best interest

Microsoft is in the business of selling software and licenses.  They are not in the business of optimizing or right-sizing SharePoint architectures.  What is best for Microsoft is not always best for the customer.

At Fpweb, we use our real-world experience of building thousands of custom SharePoint environments to balance best practice with a minimal, viable build that will perform well.  After all, the power of the cloud is for you to scale as needed.  Why oversubscribe to infrastructure and Microsoft licensing you don’t need right now?

Unpredictable costs

The Rackspace service agreement and invoices have a “utility” line which can vary based on consumption. So just like SharePoint on AWS or Azure, your monthly bill can vary at Rackspace.  Some SharePoint customers leaving Rackspace feel like they are being “nickeled and dimed” to death.  This also makes budgeting difficult for IT teams.

At Fpweb, our bills are fixed for the duration of the contract.  You want to lock in your costs until the next release of SharePoint?  Done.  There are no SharePoint cost surprises or variances at Fpweb.

Limited SharePoint support

Rackspace will only work on certain SharePoint issues, per its SharePoint support agreement. If you don’t have a deep SharePoint bench yourself, you are on the hook for finding an expensive consultant and keeping them on retainer to work on critical projects or break-fix as needed.  Most businesses prefer one throat to choke.

Fpweb can be that single point of contact. We offer full SharePoint lifecycle services, including intranet consulting, development, migrations, hosting, admin support and training.

Narrow SharePoint maintenance windows

SharePoint maintenance windows at Rackspace are offered only during the work week, Monday thru Friday.

You should be able to pick whatever window is best for your organization.  And for some multi-nationals, Saturday night maintenance windows work best for their Far East operations.  SharePoint support services need to be on your schedule, on-demand, 24/7, all year long.

SharePoint not a priority

At Fpweb, we know SharePoint admins are difficult to find and keep because our SharePoint Admin as a Service is the fastest growing segment of SharePoint services at Fpweb.  And to this day, it’s why we train every SharePoint admin ourselves.  Trained to our best practices and exposed to hundreds of unique SharePoint environments, they learn more in a year at Fpweb than a typical admin with five years’ experience.

Looking to the years ahead and your SharePoint Roadmap, the future is hybrid.  You need a provider that can manage SharePoint wherever it lives – your data center, or ours.  You need it integrated with Office 365, Azure, and other line of business applications.

At Fpweb, we are once again planning to be the first SharePoint provider to offer SharePoint 2019 in the cloud – as we have been the first to host every SharePoint version in the cloud since SharePoint’s inception in the FrontPage server extensions back in 1999.  If SharePoint is an important part of your future, Fpweb should be as well.

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About the Author

Rob LaMear IV is the CEO of US Cloud™, formerly known as Fpweb. He founded the St. Louis-based company in 1996 and is one of the pioneers in cloud computing. His mission is to help businesses simplify their infrastructure, unburden teams, and better protect themselves.