Adopt These 5 SharePoint Managed Services for Business Success

SharePoint Manged by FpwebMicrosoft SharePoint continues to gain significant market share worldwide. Part of Microsoft’s Productivity and Business Processes division, last year it had $8.4 billion in revenue, a 21% increase driven by Office 365 commercial and consumer subscriptions.

Studies find that more companies are looking to migrate to the latest versions of SharePoint on-premises and, increasingly, SharePoint Online. According to a recent SharePoint and Office 365 Industry Survey commissioned by Sharegate, Hyperfish, and Nintex, SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 gained significant ground over the past year. SharePoint 2016 – the on-premises version of the platform – saw a 67% increase in deployment, while SharePoint Online deployments rose by 167%.

The same study found that while the on-premises SharePoint market continues to be healthy, more organizations are starting to move to a hybrid or all-cloud model – a 35% growth for Office 365 in 2017 versus 2016.

SharePoint Managed Services at Fpweb

With this movement to the latest and greatest versions of SharePoint, there is still a need in the market for third-party administration help. With IT budgets continuing to face pressure, doing more with less is still a mantra throughout many enterprises. The study found that 46% of organizations surveyed either already use or plan to use a third-party tool for daily administration tasks so they can focus on higher value activities.

Don’t miss out on the five most important SharePoint managed services to ensure you’re maximizing the potential of your investment in SharePoint:

  1. Managed SharePoint Infrastructure ServicesManaged SharePoint Infrastructure Services: Dedicated SharePoint hosting managed by the SharePoint experts at unburdens your enterprise team from SharePoint infrastructure maintenance and complexity. Get a secure, private cloud, with powerful SharePoint servers custom-built for your specific needs. Never again worry about backup, patching, or monitoring your SharePoint environment. With 12 data centers around the world, has the scale you need to keep your SharePoint environment running 24/7/365.
  2. Managed SharePoint Support ServicesManaged SharePoint Support Services: SharePoint support services managed by lets your enterprise offload your SharePoint ticket and administrator workloads for at least 30% less than if you go with Microsoft’s Unified Support model. With a six-minute response SLA for all support requests – five times faster than Microsoft’s most aggressive support response SLA – has resolved more 61,000 customer tickets with less than 1% escalated to Microsoft. Managed SharePoint Services at allow you to focus on supporting your customers instead of supporting SharePoint.
  3. Managed SharePoint Developoment ServicesManaged SharePoint Development Services: SharePoint development services managed by augments your existing SharePoint Development Team to complete backlogged SharePoint projects, maintain existing code, or complete new SharePoint requirements on-time and on budget. Get the most out of your SharePoint investment with Managed SharePoint Services to care for your SharePoint infrastructure, support, and development workloads.
  4. Managed SharePoint Business Continuity ServicesManaged SharePoint Business Continuity Services: We’ve mentioned the increasing size and market share for SharePoint among organizations worldwide. With this increase in importance of SharePoint, it’s vital to ensure you have business continuity regardless of whether you experience downtime or not. Regardless of your company’s size, SharePoint outages caused by hardware failures, required system maintenance, or even natural disasters can drastically affect your business. Protect your livelihood with SharePoint Continuity Service. SharePoint outages happen – however, SharePoint Continuity Service is an insurance policy that ensures your employees can access your SharePoint site regardless of why the outage occurred and how long it lasts. This way, your business can continue to operate and you won’t have to worry about access to documents, workflows, forms, or collaboration impediments.
  5. Managed SharePoint Security ServicesManaged SharePoint Security Services: SharePoint security helps you manage your files easily, safely and efficiently. Keep your confidential data secure in a user-friendly environment while meeting your security and regulatory compliance requirements. Securing your SharePoint can be complicated – use our experts to help you strengthen your environment through access control strategies, exposure testing, user education and more.

The good news is that you can get high-quality SharePoint managed services without breaking the bank with With decades of experience successfully managing enterprise SharePoint environments for companies of all sizes and industries – including Global 2000 Companies – we’re confident we can manage your SharePoint environment whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid. Get a SharePoint Managed Services quote today or learn more about SharePoint Managed Services delivered by the SharePoint experts at Fpweb.