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Compare SharePoint 2010 vs 2013 Features. See the Difference between SharePoint 2010 and 2013 for Your Intranet, Extranet or www Site.  Find the SharePoint Version that Best Fits Your Business.


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SP2013 vs 2016

New Features in SharePoint 2013

  • Robust App Catalog and Marketplace
  • Mobile version (not just mobile views) with native support for iOS and Android
  • SharePoint 2010 End-of-Life is October 2020
  • Huge upgrade in usability across typical collaboration workloads with Team Sites, My Sites, communities and ECM all upgraded to help usability, as well as cross-browser and cross-device availability, better offline options (SkyDrive), better sharing features, and team work features
  • Massive upgrade in workloads – WCM, social, search, and mobile access
  • There is no more “in place upgrade” to SharePoint 2013. Instead, you can attach a 2010 content database to the 2013 farm. You have the option of retaining the content database as a 2010 content database and to perform what is called a “deferred site collection upgrade.”
  • User experience improvement includes drag-and-drop to upload documents, and the ability to edit managed metadata in a datasheet view
  • Social experiences improvement with discussion boards being more engaging and “Facebook-like”
SharePoint 2010 logoSharePoint 2010SharePoint logoSharePoint 2013
AppsFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseFoundationServer StandardServer Enterprise
Sandbox Solutions check checkcheck
App Catalog & Marketplacecheckcheckcheck
CollaborationFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseFoundationServer StandardServer Enterprise
Team Sites checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
Work Managementcheckcheck
SocialFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseFoundationServer StandardServer Enterprise
Personal Sitescheckcheckcheckcheck
SkyDrive Procheckcheck
Community Sitescheckcheck
Task List Aggregationcheckcheck
Follow Content & Peoplecheckcheck
SearchFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseFoundationServer StandardServer Enterprise
Basic Search check checkcheck checkcheckcheck
Out-of-the-box FAST Searchcheckcheck
Out-of-the-box FAST PDF Searchcheckcheck
Content ManagementFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseFoundationServer StandardServer Enterprise
Content Managementcheckcheckcheckcheck
Records Managementcheckcheckcheckcheck
Cross-site Publishing Managementcheckcheck
E-discover ACM Compliancecheck
Business IntelligenceFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseFoundationServer StandardServer Enterprise
Excel Services PowerPivotcheckcheck
Scorecards & Dashboardscheckcheck
Business SolutionsFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseFoundationServer StandardServer Enterprise
Access Servicescheckcheck
Visio Servicescheckcheck
Form Based Applicationscheck
Workflow checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
SharePoint 2013 Workflowcheckcheck
Business Connectivity Servicescheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck
BrandingFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseFoundationServer StandardServer Enterprise
Design Managercheck
Channels (master pages)check
WYSIWYG SharePoint Designer check check check
MobileFoundationServer StandardServer EnterpriseFoundationServer StandardServer Enterprise
Native Support for IOS/Android check checkcheck
Mobile Views check check check check checkcheck
Web Application Limits
Web ApplicationNot published20 per farm
Content Databases300 per web app300 per web app
Site Collections250,000 per web app250,000 per web app
Content Database Limits
Number of Content Databases300 per web app500 per farm
Content Database Size (general usage)200 GB200 GB
Content Database Size (all usage)4 TB4 TB
Content Database Items60 million items60 million items
Site Collection Limits
Site CollectionsNot published2 million per farm
Site Collection SizeMax size of content databaseMax size of content database
List & Library Limits
File Size2 GB2 GB
Documents30 million per library30 million per library
Major Versions400,000400,000
Minor VersionsNot published511
2013 vs 2016

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