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Simeon Cathey

“Nobody has been hosting SharePoint longer than Fpweb. They are the definitive SharePoint hosting experts.”

– Simeon Cathey, Content Panda CEO and original Microsoft SharePoint Team Member

Joel Oleson

“there’s no better Private Cloud SharePoint host than Fpweb.net Rob (LaMear) and his team’s SharePoint expertise have formed a reliable and lasting gold standard for managed SharePoint hosting.”

– Joel Oleson, Professional Services Director at Konica Minolta Business and original Microsoft IT SharePoint Team Member

1996 – FrontPages Web Hosting Network founded by Robert LaMear IV 1999 – Fpweb.net becomes the first company in the world to host SharePoint 2002 – Fpweb.net reaches 100 million logins managed 2006 – Fpweb.net performs its 1,000th migration 2007 – The first ISV shops start hosting SharePoint apps with Fpweb.net 2009 – Fpweb.net reaches 500 million logins managed 2010 – Fpweb.net becomes the first company to host SharePoint 2010 in the cloud 2011 – Fpweb.net performs its 2,000th migration 2012 – Fpweb.net reaches 1 billion logins managed 2013 – Fpweb.net becomes the first to host SharePoint 2013 in the cloud 2014 – Fpweb.net adds managed service provider to services offered 2015 – Fpweb.net adds managed security services to menu Fpweb.net performs its 5,000th migration 2016 – Fpweb.net becomes the first to host SharePoint 2016 in the cloud 2017 – Fpweb.net reaches 1.9 billion logins managed

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The Fpweb.net Story

Rob LaMear
CEO, Founder

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We started small. Like super small…

Just one guy to be exact. Well, and his wife technically (they can battle it out to see who the true founder is). Anyway, Rob LaMear IV had a deep technology background and a simple concept that he would transform into a business: Outsource the IT grunt work so you can keep the focus on innovation.

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Open for business (in the Cloud)

FrontPages Web Hosting Network was the first iteration of LaMear’s vision. A small team handled basic FrontPage, ASP and PHP web site hosting which would later evolve into SharePoint. In 1999, LaMear’s vision would become a reality and Fpweb.net would become the first company to host SharePoint in the cloud.

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Over one million coffees later…

As the client-base grew, so did the business. Fpweb.net began offering eCommerce sites, QuickBooks, SharePoint, Exchange, SQL, Project servers, Dedicated Windows servers, and much more. As the business grew, the team saw the value of focusing their energy and expertise into what they were best at.

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Clients’ lives got a lot easier!

Fpweb.net became the premier SharePoint managed services provider that you know today thanks to your support and our dedication to adding value to your IT investment. It’s a practice that includes expert, USA-based, 24/7 Absolute Support® on premises or any cloud.

Community Support

In addition to its continuous support of the SharePoint community, Fpweb.net proudly supports its local community and also donates 2% of new business on behalf of its clients to charity: water

Community Support

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