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SharePoint is complex and difficult to support.  Unburden your team and simplify your infrastructure with help from the SharePoint experts at Fpweb.

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SharePoint Support Services at Fpweb

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Let Fpweb take care of everything SharePoint – on premise and cloud.  Get the most out of SharePoint with the help of Fpweb.

24x7 SharePoint Certified Support

24×7 SharePoint certified support

SharePoint Support - 6 minute response at Fpweb

6 min SharePoint support response

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62,000 SharePoint tickets resolved

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100% US citizen SharePoint support

2.1 Billion SharePoint Logins Supported by Fpweb

2.1 billion SharePoint logins supported

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Dedicated SharePoint experts since 1999

SharePoint Support Services at Fpweb

SharePoint Support

SharePoint Support Service from Fpweb Unburdens Your Team So They Can Focus on What Matters Most.  Fix SharePoint Faster with Fpweb – 6 Minute Response, 24/7 All US Citizen Support Team, SharePoint Certified.


Simeon Cathey of Microsoft recommends Dedicated SharePoint at Fpweb

“Nobody has been supporting SharePoint longer than Fpweb. They are the definitive dedicated SharePoint experts.”

– Simeon Cathey, Content Panda CEO and original Microsoft SharePoint Team Member

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Joel Oleson SharePoint expert recommends Fpweb SharePoint Support Services

“There’s no better SharePoint support than Fpweb.net. Rob (LaMear) and his team’s SharePoint expertise have formed a reliable and lasting gold standard for dedicated SharePoint hosting.”

– Joel Oleson, Professional Services Director at Konica Minolta Business and original Microsoft IT SharePoint Team Member

Dedicated SharePoint

SharePoint is Complex.  Leverage Our SharePoint Experts to Move SharePoint to the Cloud and Offload Time-Consuming Duties.  Get Dedicated SharePoint Hosting at Fpweb to Simplify Your SharePoint Infrastructure, Unburden Your Team and Customize Your Servers.


Dedicated SharePoint at Fpweb

Compare SharePoint Cloud Providers

Simplify your SharePoint infrastructure and unburden your team

Hosted Private Cloud by Fpweb.net

SharePoint Latency – 13 ms
SharePoint Support – 6 min
SharePoint Patching – Pro
SharePoint Monitoring – Pro
SharePoint Total Cost Owner

Public cloud by AWS

Latency – 27 ms
Support – 60 min
Patching – No
Monitoring – Basic

Public cloud by Azure

Latency – 31 ms
Support – 120 min
Patching – No
Monitoring – Basic

Privated cloud on-premises

Latency – 7 ms
Support – 60 min
Patching – Basic
Monitoring – Basic